We’re back for the third year in a row to offer a special addition to your Summer Meltdown experience, custom river trips designed just for you.


Our “adventures” are all about the Meltdown vibe, and are the perfect way to get out into the wilderness without ever really leaving the party.


Every hour (from 10am-2pm) our fleet funky river vans arrive at the main gate to take you and your friends on a short drive to the Sauk River. This is a relaxed pace excursion including mild white water, opportunities to swim, and outstanding views of the mountains and forest.


We provide the guides, equipment and transportation, so all you have to do is sign up and show up.


The trip lasts about 2 hours, and runs all weekend, so there’s plenty of opportunity to fit it in.


We have limited availability for these trips so make sure to reserve your spots here in advance! 


Check below for more info.

Meltdown River Float
$40 / Person or $240/boat(buy 7, pay for 6)