Who’s ready to float?


then get in the van and leave the driving to us!


Summertime is all about mellow floats with friends, so we’ve put together a no stress trip, where the whole camp can get out and enjoy the river. Totaling 2 hours, with transportation provided, this “adventure” is designed to fit into your busy schedules. Trip times are 10,12 and 2 Thursday-Sunday, and the cost is $50/person.


Imagine 28 of your friends floating down a mountain river, enjoying the views, and stopping on sandy beaches to play in the water. We’re only offering this trip to Meltdowners, so keep the costumes and face paint on and bring the rest of your party supplies. Our laid back staff works hard to keep the vibe going, and the toughest part of the trip is the walk to the Main Gate to meet us. This is the perfect way to get to the wilderness without ever really leaving the party.


We have limited availability for these trips so make sure to reserve your spots here in advance!


Check below for more info.


For those looking to experience to the river at your own pace, check out our $35 Stilly River Kayak Trip. No reservation is necessary, and it is available all day, every day, including before and after the festival. 


Come see us at our tent, just outside the main gate, or stop at our shop in Arlington on your way up!

Meltdown River Float